Top reasons to not hire a booking agent for your cover band

Don’t hire a booking agent if…

I received a great question from a reader this week. “Should we hire a booking agent? It’s a dilemma that a lot of cover bands face, so I thought I’d share my thoughts via a video response. Drum roll please………. ​Click on the picture below for my video response:

Hire a booking agent for your band

Key Takeaway

​​Hiring a full time booking agent can be a huge mistake.  Don't make it.  You should learn how to book most of your gigs on your own.  Use agents sparingly, to supplement what you're already doing.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t hire a booking agent if…”

  1. My band is Tap9. Web. We play originals and covers depending on the gig. We do book our own but have trouble getting into the bigger casinos that are booked by agents. Any help?


      Hi Brad, Thanks for dropping in!

      When agents control a venue, there’s no way of getting the gig WITHOUT them. They’re the agent, so you have to get the gig through them. I run into this all the time when I’m booking concert in the park gigs. It’s frustrating.

      Here’s two way’s I handle it:

      First, I reach out directly to the client. In your case, it would be the person in charge of entertainment at the Casino. Email them, introduce your band to them, and tell them you’re interested in playing at their venue. If they’re impressed enough with you, they MAY contact the agent and tell them to book you. I’ve had this happen on several occasions.

      Secondly, reach out directly to the agent and tell him/her that you’d love to work with them at that Casino. I’ve had that work too.

      More often than not, I don’t hear back from them. But I’ve broken through enough times to know I should keep trying. Keep knocking on that door.

      Yesterday, I had an agent offer me a great concert in the park gig. I’ve been trying to get into that show for 3 years. I’ve emailed him multiple time and never gotten a response. Why he finally reached out to us is unknown to me. But my persistence paid off.

      One final thought: Casinos aren’t generally looking for original bands. I’d make sure they knew you’d do all covers for their shows.

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