Corona Virus cancels concert

HELP! The Corona Virus is Killing my GIGS




That’s what I’m hearing a lot lately.  If you’re a gigging musician, it’s something you’re going to start hearing too.

As I write this, the Corona Virus is decimating our industry and killing gigs. Touring bands are cancelling tours.  The NBA is postponing the upcoming season.  Corporate clients are cancelling their events.  It won’t be long before bars and clubs start doing the same thing.   If you rely on gigging as a source of your income, get ready to see that source dry up.  At least for the next few months.

Corona virus destroys the life of the working musician

  • Go ahead and scream!
  • Kick the cat!
  • Pound the desk!
  • Flip off the damn virus!

But after you do that, I want you to change your frame of mind and get to work!

use this time to make your act better

You can’t control what this virus is going to do or how it impacts your life as a musician.  That’s out of your hands.  But you can control what you do during this time to prepare for when the emergency is over.

Now is a great time to start working on things you’ve been putting off!  Things like:

  • Your website
  • Promo materials
  • Video demos
  • Audio demos
  • Getting your band on the 1st page of Google
  • Learning new songs to add to the show
  • Learn everything you can about how to book better gigs.
  • and more!

get your band ready for the rebound

When the Corona virus is over, Bands will be wanted

Use this time off stage to fine tune your marketing and improve your show.  One thing I know for certain is that the Corona virus will end at some point.  Then life will go back to normal:

  • People will throw expensive weddings
  • Business will resume throwing corporate parties
  • People will once again congregate in large groups

They’re going to need entertainers to help them celebrate.  Take this forced vacation and use it to make sure they can find you when they start searching again.

Life is giving us entertainers lemons right now!  You know what they say about that?  Make some lemonade and get ready for the rebound.  Make sure you’re the band people want to hire when it’s all over.

If you need any help, email me at

Stay safe!

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