Learn How Much $$$ Bands make Playing weddings

How Much $$$ do Bands Make Playing Weddings?

You’re not going to believe these numbers. The average bar gig is paying somewhere between $200 to $400 per night. That’s according to a non-scientific poll taken on the TDPRI page. Those numbers seem right but they aren’t the numbers you won’t believe. We all know wedding gigs pay better than bars. But do you know how much $$$ bands make playing weddings? Keep reading to find out. Those are the numbers you won’t believe.

The Average Wedding in 2018 cost almost $34,000!

According to TheKnot, the average 2018 US bride spent $33,931 on her wedding. That’s a lot of money! But what you may find unbelievable is what she spent on her band. Are you sitting down?

The Average pay a band received for a wedding? $4247!

$4247! Here’s a screen shot from the article:

The average cost of a Wedding In the USA

That’s the average, which means more in some places and less in others. The wedding industry recommends brides spend 10% of their budget on entertainment. The trend in 2018 was to spend MORE than 10%.

Wait, how much did the dJ make?

The other number that’s hard to believe is what DJ’s make at weddings. A DJ makes, on average, 3x more than a bar band! The average DJ makes over $1200 for a wedding gig.

No wonder musicians like us WANT to play weddings. There’s serious money there. The 5 way split on a $3400 gig is $680. Per man! That’s why I don’t play bars any longer. It could be a big reason you don’t want to either.

Want to start booking more wedding gigs for your cover band?

If you want to get into wedding gigs, you need to learn how to book them! It takes a lot more knowledge and skill to book these high paying gigs. You have to admit the pay off is far better than bars and clubs! Training you how to break into the “event gig” market (weddings, corporate and private parties is what BookYourCoverBand is all about. We have lots of tips and helps for you. Ready to get started? The best place to start is by watching my video 3 Proven Tips To Help You Book Better Gigs.

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​Key Takeaway​

​Performing at weddings pays a LOT better than bars and clubs.  Every cover band musician should want to add these high paying gigs to their calendar!

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